We have been providing legal documentation preparation service since 2009 for those seeking the self help or Pro Se* alternative to access the court systems and other government services and agencies for their legal needs.

Somos un servicio de preparacion de documentos legales desde el 2009, para aquellos que desean representarse por si mismo o Pro Se para tener acceso a las cortes y otros servicios o agencias del gobierno para sus necesidades legales. 


A Filing Service is not a law firm and is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. A Filing Service does not provide legal, financial, or other professional advice and at no time do we review the information you submit from a legal, accounting, or other professional standpoint. If you require those services, please seek an appropriately licensed professional in your area. This site is not affiliated with the US Department of State, USCIS, US Department of the Treasury or the IRS, and the information provided herein is general information on questions and issues commonly encountered. 

*Pro Se, means that you are representing yourself in a legal or gov agency process.